Bougie Hack #3: Truck Mirrors

I’m not gonna lie… this is by far the most bourgeois hack we’ve done. We got truck mirrors! So our side view mirrors have always had some issues. The driver’s side mirror had some dark spots showing through and the passenger’s side mirror always moved out of position. It was this always-moving-out-of-position that would drive Joe nuts. I mean just nuts. Lots of complaining every time we drove.

I think we could have probably fixed it with a rubber washer for like 30-cents or some other mickey-mouse approach. We might have even replaced the one mirror with the standard replacement. You can buy the regular mirror replacements at GoWesty for about $38 for the right and $38 for the left. But Joe’s been eyeing the truck mirrors because despite being bougie–and they are–they look really, really cool–and they do!

Why truck mirrors? Well, they are a bit beefier. They turn in for tight parking spots. They don’t flop around and have a lot more stability than the old mirrors. If you get lucky, you can buy them in a set from Van Cafe for $349. If you buy them from GoWesty, they will put you out $199 a mirror. They are ridiculous. And, they are also kinda great. By the way, if you’re about these mirrors like Joe is, you have to buy them when they are in stock. Like as soon as you see them because in a matter of a few days they will be sold out.

Joe is super pleased with his new truck mirrors.

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